Friday, March 26, 2010


I watch the waves and breakers as they fold into themselves
and then crash uncontrollably atop one another...
It comes into one's mind that they may be trying to escape.
from something on a deeper level.....
than just what can be seen.
Trying to escape from something....of immense power.
Or someone of immeasurable magnitude.
A search of the tangible...a sea animal? A storm?
A search of my tangible...The Sovereign Lord...
His Word says that He is omnipotent, it also says that He...
has journeyed to the gates of hell.....He is it's creator
His word says that He has journeyed to the places of the storehouses...
of the ice and hail that he uses for times of war and battle, He,
is their creator..........
His word says many wonderful and captivating things about Him.
That He roams the deepest depths of the sea floor....
He walks them powerfully
In their massive pitch black barren and
bold beauty.
His Holy Word, The Bible, His authorized Autobiography
says in three simple words " God is Love"
Deep calls to Deep, the oceans call
around the world to one another in unison as He walks beneath them as a
mighty force that is all together real, to say
"The Lord is Here"
Deep calls to Deep

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