Monday, April 5, 2010


Upon waking this morning, and what a beautiful morning it was! I got out of bed and realised with a gasp of horror that my right knee. Which was aching in sharp pain since the day before yesterday, had not gotten better! Well yeah it didn't help that I went for a SMALL walk when I got back home from church yesterday, but I just felt so pumped I had to get out there! So today that was it! No more Mr. Limp. But the funny thing about the situation was that I took an FRS energy drink with me (Livestrong!!!) yeah I know, you think I'm nuts, well i am nuts but that's besides the point. Anyway I drank that and took another along because, with all of my hoopla and dippity doo, I just didn't want to go for a walk the minute I stepped out of my house.....go figure. Anyway I got going and sat on some steps after about 20 minutes of walking, chugged the one that I'd brought and chugged it at the beginning of the monster and I was ready. The monster is a hill about three quarters of a mile in one direction so in the beginning on the walk down we go then once it goes flat I go all the way to this old firebox and slap it as if to say "ha! I've made it! (down that is) then I go back up. I couldn't go at my usual clip and I took a break or two and rewarded myself with a dunkin donuts iced latte when I got to the top. I say this every morning when I'm on the monster " I've gotta get the monster!" "I can do it, I can beat the monster!". But today was a day when those words rang out like the Liberty Bell sounding out for the first time. I was determined not to let the monster punk me! It was not going to happen and let me tell you the pain was intense, but the endurance of that momentary pain gave me a victory that I will never forget. I can't forget, my knee is reminding me right now.....

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