Thursday, April 8, 2010


Ok, so I did my several mile walk for the day and came home,but before that I went to pick up my laundry at Tina's Launderette stopped home. Got my flower pot that I had taken out of storage the day before because I had been wanting a house plant for the longest time. I kid you not, the last house plant that I had. I named him "Humboldt" after the squid species, you know the one that lives really deep below the ocean and in my basement room in flatbush Brooklyn in my friends home where I was living in like a 5x10 foot room ( I''m 6'4" and 250lb so it was a bit of a challenge) this huge rat that lived in the basement with me dug it up!!! ( There was no door in the room so you could only imagine)I was furious! I was really attached to that plant. The pot is beautiful though. It's a deep deep blue black glazed pot, with the joined water run off tray. Anyway I vowed that one day I would have the perfect plant and today, I got her. She doesn't need much sun, just daylight and she's small and semi full, beautiful and colorful. she was only five dollars potted for me and all and I've named her Pearl. I immediately as an afterthought had the song by Paula Cole come to mind but it was just that, only an afterthought to the naming. I adore her, she brings such a lovely touch to my home and she's right on top of the mini fridge next to the window. So she won't get but just the right amount of light because of the way I keep my blinds. So I had organized everything just perfectly and NOW off to the shower! So I'm in there doing my thing , scrubbing up and whatnot. Then I start to hear the construction guys upstairs who are renovating the apartment above me. Smashing into the wall and debris falling into the drop ceiling, so I'm thinking. Let me get out of here, QUICK! So I rinsed off got out and began to dry off. And out of curiosity touched the already bloated and overladen ceiling, ( JUST GET OUT! GET OUT!) starting my way out of the door and then it all came crashing down on top of me. TIMBERRRR!!!!! You name it, wood, a TON of dirt, ceiling chunks, nails, I cannot even begin to tell you how absolutely shocked I was. But you know what's funny, my first thought wasn't, "My God am I hurt?" It was, "Man I just took a shower and now look at me!!!" I was a freshly pulled turnip from the bowels of the earth. I think that's all the excitement that I can take for one day, let alone one shower!!!! If I had only taken less time brushing my teeth......

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