Monday, March 15, 2010

Rich Man Poor Man....I'd rather be Poor

I am more, I am more, I am more

I am more that just a good day or a bad day, I am more that just an empty cup, or a cup of change, Whether that cup be from starbucks or somewhere else....

I am more, I am, As truer than true can be
I am more.

I am more that what I can or cannot do with my body.....I am so much more than this.
I have proven this to many over the years, but they, as you, stop and stare and look and point and gesture and think thoughts and then say things that make me into what I am not.....less.....

But I am not less than you think I am
I am sick of what you think
Who cares what you think
I don't care.........what you think

My love overflows into your life as one who has been touched
But do you care? Ahhh. Stop and think carefully

Before you answer
You say you care
and you do like you care

But that's just it. You care, you don't love
Or do you?

I am more, I am more, I am more
I am more than clean clothes, I am more than having enough food or a hot meal
I am more than a beard, a messy unkempt head of hair......or, a shaved head
I am more than what you want me to be so that I'll be accepted by you and therefore make you happy
But that's the problem with you, you would rather see what you aren't getting

Than what you are getting

I am more

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