Friday, March 19, 2010


You know I had this idea in my head
since yesterday about writing something very impacting to all those who read it, even me. But then today, earlier today I realized that I was forcing it. I wasn't letting it flow. And that's not like me. So I've decided to just let myself flow.On Sunday someone extremely close to me went on a vacation. But not a word, not a peep, not a call not a letter when they reached their destination....miss me? Naw
I'm not looking forward to her return cause something strange is going on. The passages of the Bible have always mesmerised me. Especially the ones in the old testament. I've memorized some of the Bible and have just finished the 65 books of the Bible in order. I just did a verse in Hosea6:6 "For I desire mercy not sacrifice, and acknowledgment of God rather than burnt offerings". That passage moves and inspires me. He wants us to be merciful like he is and he would rather us acknowledge him, as if to say, "give him props", by avoiding evil at all costs...than give him burnt offerings. Now, in the old testament a burnt ( lamb, or bull ) offering is what the priest would offer up to God to atone for after you'd sinned. ie; an apology for sinning and asking him to forgive you which is what we do now in our day and age. I could go on and on, like I want to get married to the girl that's perfect for me, and have some kids, and get in better shape, and how I want us both to worship God together etc etc and all of that stuff but I've written enough..... for now......

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