Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Take me Away

Take me away to be where you are
I will let myself become another man so that worry will fall at our feet and cause not even a peep

not even a stir....
nothing to get in the way of our fantastic voyage!
I desire you, I desire your spirit to come to me and fall round about me like powdery sweet confectioners sugar on a freshly and perfectly prepared desert

Fit for Royalty

Embrace me my love and let us travel to places unseen.....take me to places that I have never been to
Because I have never been anywhere.
No where but here, here, in the place that I call home. This little island called New York City. It is so fabulous wonderful and captivating that I never wanted to travel outside its mystical borders....but now I do

I am prouder than proud to be one of the chosen few in the world to say that I was born and raised here! This is my city!
My culture! My heritage! it is my heart!,Every beat of that muscle within my chest dominates me and fuels my blood.... these New yorkers are my people!!

But the time for a change has come. I want to go somewhere and say that I've been there wherever "there" happens to be.
So take me and let's go.
Plane.Bus.Ship.Car.Carriage.Skateboard.Bicycle.Horse.On Foot.Pedicab.Cargo Truck.Minivan.

Whatever way you wish. Whenever you wish. However you wish.
I'm game

Let's go

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